When is the Best Time to Drink Yakult?

Best time to drink Yakult? 30 minutes before eating? Well this guide will help you to know everything about yakult drink.
drink yakult

For those unfamiliar, Yakult is a sweetened probiotic milk drink that originated in Japan in 1935. The main ingredient is a proprietary probiotic strain called Lactobacillus casei Shirota. 

Several studies have shown Yakult promotes digestive and immune health. The live cultures help balance gut flora while the nutrients benefit bodily functions.

But with all those positives, many wonder: when should I drink Yakult to maximize the benefits? This article will discuss that in detail.

Let's start by listing some key reasons to drink Yakult:

5 Key Health Benefits of Drinking Yakult

1. Supports digestive health: The probiotics in Yakult help regulate bowel movements and improve gut health. This can relieve issues like constipation, diarrhea, bloating, and indigestion.  

2. Boosts immunity: By improving gut health and introducing more good bacteria, Yakult enhances the body's immune response. This results in fewer illnesses.

3. Aids weight loss: Probiotics support weight loss in several ways, such as reducing fat absorption and decreasing appetite. This makes losing weight easier. 

4. Increases energy: Healthy digestion leads to better nutrient absorption, which gives you more energy throughout the day.

5. Improves mood: Interesting fact - 95% of serotonin production occurs in the gut. Yakult promotes a healthy gut-brain connection for improved mood.

Now let's discuss the best time to drink Yakult to maximize all those awesome benefits! 

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When Should You Drink Yakult? 5 Key Timing Factors

Many components impact when the optimal time is for drinking Yakult. Here are 5 key factors to consider:

1. Before or After Meals

This depends on your goals:

Before meals: Drinking Yakult 30+ minutes before eating gives the probiotics time to start propagating through your intestines. This sets up better digestion and nutrient absorption later on.  

After meals: If bloating/indigestion is a problem, waiting 30-60 minutes after eating allows Yakult to "clean up" any digestion issues from the meal.

So in summary:

  • Before meals = better digestion/immunity
  • After meals = relief from specific digestion problems 

2. Empty Stomach or Not

Here are the pros and cons of drinking Yakult with food or on an empty stomach:

Empty stomach: Allows the probiotics to propagate faster through the intestines without competition from other foods. But it may cause mild stomach pain, nausea, or headaches in sensitive people.

With food: Prevents side effects and allows the nutrients in food to synergize with Yakult. But food particles can block some probiotics from properly adhering to your intestinal walls.

If you develop unpleasant symptoms, try switching between the two timings to see what works better. An empty stomach 30+ minutes before or after meals is best for most people.

3. Time Needed for Maximum Benefits

It takes consistent, daily use of Yakult for the live cultures to fully propagate through your digestive tract. 

Most people see benefits after 1-2 weeks. But allow at least 4 weeks for the probiotics to fully impact digestive health, nutrient absorption, immunity, weight loss, and energy levels. 

So stick with a regular Yakult schedule to let the effects compound over time. Jumping around with the timing too much can disrupt this.

4. How Long Should You Wait After Opening?  

Yakult contains live bacteria cultures that begin dying off once exposed to air. For maximum probiotic viability, you should drink the entire bottle within 30 minutes of opening it. 

The cultures start exponentially dying around the 1 hour mark. So drink ASAP for best results!

5. What About Taking Yakult Before Bed?

Many people enjoy drinking Yakult at night since it's lightly sweetened and soothing. But is right before bed the optimal time?

There are pros and cons to consider with nighttime Yakult consumption:


  • Convenient schedule since you're home and relaxing
  • Pleasant treat to help you wind down before bed 


  • Lying down too soon after eating can trigger reflux/heartburn
  • The lactose content can disrupt sleep if you're sensitive
  • Your body produces less serotonin at night, limiting mood benefits
  • Harder to standardize timing vs. a consistent morning schedule

My recommendation would be avoiding Yakult for at least 2-3 hours before lying down. But if you have no digestion issues after trying it, the probiotics themselves should not disrupt sleep.

Now let's answer some common questions about Yakult timing!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are answers to six of the most common questions about when to drink Yakult:

When is the best time to drink Yakult for weight loss?

Drink 1-2 bottles 30+ minutes before lunch and dinner. This allows Yakult's probiotics to start digesting food more effectively, which enhances calorie burning and fat breakdown from meals.

Should you drink Yakult before or after a meal?

Before meals allows better digestion and absorption later on. After heavy meals can provide relief if you tend to get indigestion or bloating.

What is the best time to drink Yakult for pregnancy?

First thing in the morning and right before lunch provide the best immune protection. But check with your OBGYN before introducing any new foods.

Is Yakult good for diabetics? When should they drink it?

Yes, the live cultures benefit digestion and blood sugar regulation. Schedule it 30+ minutes before your two biggest meals to lower their impact on blood sugar spikes.  

Should you drink Yakult at night or does it disrupt sleep?

Avoid for at least 2-3 hours before bed. The lactose can interfere with sleep quality for some. But the probiotics themselves don't interrupt sleep cycles.

When should children drink Yakult if I give it to them?

Schedule it 30+ minutes before school in the morning or right after they get home. This covers both breakfast and lunch digestion for better focus and energy levels.

So in summary, standardize either a morning, mid-day, or early evening schedule for maximum benefits. Just avoid right before bed or after long lying down periods that can trigger reflux issues.

I hope this guide gives you clarity on optimizing your Yakult regimen. Now let's recap everything we learned!

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Concluding Summary - The Best Time to Drink Yakult

Drink Yakult daily for 4+ weeks to let the compounding probiotic effects fully build up. Benefits plateau after 6-8 weeks typically.

Standardize your schedule! Pick either morning, mid-day, or early evening. But stick to it long-term instead of varying day per day. 

30+ minutes before or after meals is ideal for most people. Time it for either your breakfast/lunch or lunch/dinner schedule.

Set reminders if needed! Consistency is key. If you have trouble remembering, set phone alerts to take Yakult on schedule. 

And as always, talk to your doctor about any major diet changes, especially concerning digestive issues, pregnancy, infants, or combining with medications.

I hope these Yakult tips help you time it right to achieve all the digestive, immunity, weight loss and energy benefits. Let me know if you have any other questions!