Top 10 Crazy & Unique Junk Food Flavors You Need To Try

Have you heard of the top 10 strangest junk food flavors, from birthday cake Oreos to cicada chips? This blog counts down uniquely weird treats.
unique junk food flavors

Junk food lovers, prepare your taste buds for adventure! Junk food scientists (yes, that's a real job) have been hard at work inventing outrageously wacky and unique flavor creations guaranteed to blow your mind. The age of boring potato chips and pretzels is over. 

From birthday cake cookies to pickle juice snow cones, junk food brands want attention, baby! And they’re using flavor as their secret weapon. I bet you can't even guess what eccentric tastes you'll find on this list. I'm not just talking gross flavors like barf or boogers, but dazzling taste sensations you never knew you needed - until now. 

Let's deep dive into the weirdest, wildest junk food universe! makes alien noises while narrating blog post

10 Crazy Unique Junk Food Flavors You Must Put in Your Mouth Hole

#10. Birthday Cake Oreos

Why should kids have all the sugary fun? Oreos decided grown-ups need rainbow sparkle cake flavor too. These limited edition cookies take boring ol’ Oreos up a notch with rainbow sprinkles baked right in. The vanilla cake batter cream filling takes these from yum to YES PLEASE! Lick off the sprinkles first and make a wish! blows out imaginary birthday candles

#9. Pumpkin Spice Spam 

Pumpkin spice panic! Given the pumpkin spice craze, it was only a matter of time before fall essence invaded our meat products too. Hormel blessed us with limited edition Pumpkin Spice Spam, because apparently we can’t get enough pumpkin overload. The familiar rectangle of Spam glows autumnal orange and its signature salty meatiness mixes oddly well with cinnamon, clove, allspice and nutmeg. So wrong but so RIGHT. Who knew you needed fall flavors with your canned meatlog?!

#8. Ranch Dressing Popcorn  

Hear me out. What do you dip those Cool Ranch Doritos chips into? More ranch, obviously! Frito Lay took note and transformed their cheddar Smartfood popcorn into a magical mashup of two greatest snacktime loves. Now the tastiness of Doritos bold ranch flavoring coats fluffy popcorn...wait for it...RANCHcorn!!! angel singing

#7. Baconnaise  

Bacon makes the whole world better, so why not our condiments? Baconaise slaps together everyone’s favorite breakfast meat with creamy, eggy mayonnaise. Mmm, meaty! The smoky bacon flavor mixes with the tang of mayo for a mouthwatering spread perfect on burgers or dipped French fries into. Ron Swanson certified! 

#6. Pickle Juice Snow Cones 

Craving something sweet and sour? Look no further than pickle juice snow cones for a refreshingly BRINY frozen treat! The sweet syrup and shaved ice provide balance against the full tangy pickle flavor that kicks you in the taste buds. Not for the faint of heart, but pickle lovers rejoice!

#5. Chili Mango Candy Canes  

Bored with peppermint? Why not heat things up with chili mango candy canes! These limited edition canes swap out the classic minty flavor for an unexpected fruity, spicy combo. The perfect Christmas gift for the candy loving daredevil in your life. Not only do they look rainbow swirly and fun, but they actually taste semi-plausible despite the odd flavor mashup! 

#4. Maple Bacon Coffee

Wake up and smell the pancake house! This coffee blends everything worth getting out of bed for into one caffeinated cup: maple sweetness, savory bacon, smokey notes all swirling together for a comforting morning mug. Vermont maple syrup and specially cured bacon are folded into a rich, roasty dark roast coffee. We call it the lumberjack latte around my house. 

#3. Fried Chicken Ramen  

Japan gifts the world with another bizarre ramen mashup, this time capturing the essence of fried chicken in noodle form. The instant ramen contains flakes that mimic juicy fried white meat, while the orange chicken broth packs a savory, fatty wallop. Topped off with corn and butter for extra fridge raid flavors. Makes you feel warm and cozy...and maybe a touch scared. 

#2. Peeps Flavored Oreos

What’s better than creme filling sandwiched between crunchy chocolate cookies? MARSHMALLOW PEEPS FLAVORED COOKIES! In this peak mashup of iconic Easter and classic cookie, Sprinkled Peeps Oreos pay homage to the stuff of childhood sugar comas. The bright yellow creme tastes uncannily like Peeps chicks, while the cookie itself is chocolatey with a nice crunch. Best consumed while watching Easter cartoons way past your bedtime. 

And now, drumroll please for our number one weirdest junk food flavor explosion...

#1. Chili Lime Cicada Chips

Buggin’ out! Cicada Chips offer the ultimate crunchy, salty snack and nature’s perfect protein...INSECTS! These chips are made with Jemer Rice Flour and get this—up to 5% REAL cicada flour, which supplies that tangy lime and spicy chili flavoring. Mealy bugs never tasted so good! Despite what it sounds like, fans say these odd chips are tasty enough to crawl out your skin for. 

What’s Fueling the Outrageous Junk Food Flavors?

So what cosmic portal have these wackadoodle flavors fallen out of? We can blame the nonstop battle junk food brands wage to stand out. Limited edition flavors generate hype, headlines grab eyeballs, and adventurous eaters (foodies) jump at anything new and velocity. People chase novelty, especially when it comes wrapped in neon packaging promising UNIMAGINABLE TASTES. And tying flavors to seasons or trends scores us nerd points. (Ahem, pumpkin spice.) Not gonna lie though—part of the appeal is laughing until it hurts over flavors so bizarre, they must constitute a prank...before bravely trying them anyway. 

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Have You Discovered Any Mind-Blowing Junk Food Creations?  

Alright, fess up! What’s the craziest treat you’ve encountered on brave snacking adventures? Have you risked tastebud devastation to try birthday cake pickles or caramel bug popcorn? Uh, asking for a friend. Share your weirdest junk food finds below! And don’t forget to vote on which exotic flavor from today needs an immediate spot in your grocery cart! I’m dying to dip pita chips in some baconaise, not gonna lie. Get in my BELLY!