7 Surprising Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate


Yep, you read that right: chocolate can actually be good for you! Well, we're talking dark chocolate here, not that too-sweet sugary milk stuff that's mostly just good for getting chocolate stains on your favorite shirt. 

I’m talking specially about that bitter, aromatic, melt-in-your-mouth heaven that makes every cell in your body want to bust out singing “Hallelujah!” 

So what makes dark chocolate so miraculous? It’s bursting with compounds like flavanols, polyphenols, theobromine, tryptophan (say that five times fast!) and others with names too crazy to remember. 

The point is, all those tongue-twistery compounds do some seriously awesome stuff for your body and brain. Researchers are finding more health perks to dark chocolate all the time!

Want to find out all the fabulous ways dark chocolate is just what the doctor ordered? I’m prescribing a nice healthy helping of the dark stuff after you finish this post! Here’s the deal...

Dark Chocolate Makes You Smart and Happy (No Joke!)

Yep, gobbling dark chocolate isn’t just feeding your sweet tooth cravings, it’s feeding your noggin too. All those wild and crazy compounds are like fertilizer for your brain, helping it grow big and strong!

Okay, more scientifically speaking, the flavanols in cocoa increase blood flow to the brain and also protect your neurons from any nasties that might damage them. More oxygen + well-protected cells = one sharp cookie! 

In fact, studies show dark chocolate can improve your visual and verbal learning skills, reaction time, memory, problem-solving abilities, focus, basically everything you need to totally own Trivia Night. 

And wait there’s more! Dark chocolate boosts the production of endorphins, those “feel good” chemicals behind runner’s highs and first kisses. Plus tryptophan, the ingredient in turkey that makes you blissfully sleepy after Thanksgiving dinner, also creates lovely happy, chill vibes. 

So in summary: chocolate = smart, happy YOU. I’ll take 10 bars, please and thank you!

Chocolate Loves Your Heart Like You Love Chocolate

Can you hear all the hearts shouting for joy? Dark chocolate is packed with heart-healthy goodies that help lower blood pressure, up your good cholesterol, and keep blood flowing like a mighty river to all the right places. 


By helping blood vessels relax and open wide, dark chocolate is doing the tango with your heart and keeping it in tip-top shape. One study found people who ate dark chocolate three times a week were less likely to be hospitalized for heart failure than non-chocolate eaters. Sweet!

And lower blood pressure means calmer blood vessels. When they’re relaxed and chill, they’re not squeezing out cholesterol debris into your bloodstream quite so much. That’s why studies show chocolate lovers often have lower “bad’ cholesterol levels. Nice job, dark chocolate!

So if anyone tries to tell you sweets aren’t good for your ticker, just remind them of the heart-melting magic of cacao!

Chocolate Cravings Crush Blood Sugar Bad Guys

Diabetes? What diabetes? All those compounds with syllables too crazy to pronounce also make dark chocolate a blood sugar buster! The flavanols make your insulin stand up straight and do its job so your blood sugar stays nice and stable instead of spiking and crashing all over the place.

And see all those antioxidants bringing world peace to your insides? They also tell those free radical bullies to stop attacking your cells and making them less able to respond to insulin. So your chocolate-lovin’ cells become super insulin-sensitive. Consider it cellular karma!

What does this mean for non-science folks? It means chocolate is a sweet ally for diabetes, blood sugar regulation, and metabolic stuff in general. So next time your sweet tooth strikes, reach for cocoa bliss!

Cancer Gets Clobbered by Chocolate’s Kung-Fu Moves

Remember those flavanols that strengthen your blood flow? Well they also deliver a nice healthy punch to cancer’s ugly mug! 

You see, a big risk factor for cancer is cell damage that leads to icky mutant cells going rogue. But powerful antioxidants can help put on the brakes so cells stop mutating all crazy-like into tumors and stuff. So chocolate to the rescue!

In fact, test tube studies reveal the death-defying compounds in cocoa fight cancer cell damage in skin, colon, stomach, pancreatic, lung, prostate...you name it! 

So cancer cells HATE chocolate. And I love that! Eat more chocolate, kick cancer’s butt!

Calm Inflammation with Chocolate...Like RIGHT NOW   

If inflammation had a “Most Wanted” poster, chocolate would be the brave sheriff hunting it down! Why? Well inflammation seems to be the evil villain behind stuff like heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other baddies. 

But chocolate has an ace up its sleeve: theobromine, a helpful alkaloid from the cacao tree itself. This nutty-flavored component puts inflammation through some hardcore training like Rocky Balboa. Then immunity steps up as champ!

Less inflammation at the scene of the crime means calmer blood vessels, more chill cells resistant to angry mutant transformation (that’s cancer, remember?), and more motivated insulin. In other words, chocolate saves the day!

I call that a delicious medicine without the usual awful taste! 

Feeling Blue? Cure It with Chocolate!   

If inflation has you crying uncle, don’t despair...soothe your worries with the sweet taste of cacao! Sure to get your lips smacking happiness!

Remember tryptophan hiding sneakily in chocolate? That’s the feel-good stuff that gives us the warm fuzzies and relaxed sleepy vibes perfect for a mid-afternoon break. Plus all those yummy endorphins from demolishing delicious dark chocolate make you laugh with joy and spread smiles like sunshine!

So don’t just stand there looking miserable...eat chocolate, stat! Then do an impromptu happy dance and pay it forward by sharing that bliss with someone who needs it! Laughter and quality chocolate all around...that’s what I call good medicine!

Okay, Enough Talk - Let’s Eat Chocolate!

Alright fellow chocolate lovers, by now your mouth must be watering something fierce for a nice big bite of healthy dark chocolate bonheur! I know mine sure is! 

So here’s the deal: not ALL dark chocolate is created equal when it comes to health benefits. Let’s make sure we get the good stuff! Select chocolate with at least 70% cacao or higher - the higher the better actually! This guarantees higher antioxidant levels so you reap more rewards.

Make sure sugar is NOT one of the first ingredients...we want cocoa liquor/mass/paste or even straight cacao nibs to be at the top! And don’t be fooled by “Dutch process” either. Unfortunately, that technique destroys a lot of those precious flavanols we want! Major bummer!!

Other than that - sit back and enjoy all the healthy deliciousness melting on your tongue...and remember to thank the Ancient Mayans and Aztecs for introducing cacao to the world! Chocolate really does deserve its food of the gods status. It’s magical!